Harlech is the print, paper, mailing & marketing solutions division of Gould Publication Papers. Gould UK are part of OVOL Japan Pulp & Paper who are the world’s largest independent distributor of pulp and paper.

Our experience

Harlech offers something very different to the traditional print and paper management models. We focus on understanding what our customers would like to achieve through their seasonal/annual contact strategy, whilst ensuring their brand guidelines are followed. With publishers continuing to outsource their production, our highly experienced production team seamlessly integrate into our customer business, providing instant expertise, knowledge and support, allowing our customers to concentrate on their core business.

Our experience in supporting business whether they are on the high street, mail order/distance shopping or on-line ensures we understand the marketing demands they are faced with. This enables us to implement solutions to support our customers need to efficiently manage and control their budgets and creative strategy.

A quote from one of our direct mail customers

“Harlech’s team seamlessly integrated into our production team and their on-site presence is invaluable.
The Harlech team has enabled us to support our high street, direct mail, and on-line presence
through the printed product”

Harlech’s aim is simple, we want to share our knowledge and ensure our customers allocate their print, paper, mailing & marketing spend efficiently

Harlech’s independence allows us to work with a large portfolio of paper mills, printers, and mailing experts at a local and global level.

Harlech’s expertise, buying power and global market knowledge ensures we provide our customers with competitive pricing.