Dom Blakey

Dom has worked within the publishing and marketing sector for over 30 years, beginning his career at United newspapers before joining the paper industry in 1993. He established Harlech in 2016 to expand the range of services offered by GPP to include print management & distribution. He has gained a wealth of experience creating bespoke print and paper solutions for publications, magazines and marketing programmes for clients operating in the UK, Europe and N.America.

Mandy Kent

I am passionate about publishing and with over 30 years of experience in the print and paper industry, I enjoy working with publishers of various sizes from small B2Bs to multi-nationals.

Providing paper and print solutions for businesses with various sized budgets and requirements across the full spectrum of publishing is very rewarding. I am especially proud of the paper & print management service we have developed, which provides the benefit of purchasing paper, print and mailing on a direct basis for our clients, saving them money and time. I have built upon my experience working with printers, paper mills and brokers to deliver the high-quality service publishers require, whether they are magazine publishers, providing retail leaflets for campaigns, working in the travel sector, producing catalogs, providing a direct mail service, I enjoy working with them all.

Rich Green

I have gained extensive experience during my 29 years in the marketing services industry specializing in print, paper, mailing services & postage for both the UK and US. Working both with and within large retail businesses such as Shop Direct, Arcadia and JD Williams to deliver the end to end production cycle of offline marketing activity from large gravure catalogues through to highly personalized digital campaigns and store POS.

Having worked as an internal service provider, marketing manager and supplier I am able to understand the demands of each stakeholder to implement the best solution for the client to achieve and enhance their campaign objectives.